Welcome to our selection of stylish and comfortable underwear for every preference, style and size at great prices from Fruit of the Loom. Find the right underpants and undershirts that you can both be active in and relax in at home.

Comfort and enjoyment come first

Underwear that fits incorrectly can bother you all day. But when you jump into a delicious and soft underwear set from Fruit of the Loom, you will immediately feel comfortable in our soft materials. That is why we prioritize comfort and enjoyment, so that the skin can breathe and you can feel undisturbed and relaxed. You can buy boxer shorts, undershirts and panties for every style and preference, and find inspiration here with our beautiful products in different colors for both men and women.

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I buy underwear from Fruit of the Loom in Denmark?

We offer a wide range of stylish and comfortable underwear in different materials and sizes for men. Fruitamager.dk is one of Denmark's leading online retailers on the market for Fruit of the Loom products, where we e.g. sells hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, t-shirts, shorts and underwear.